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Bathurst hospital staff to join statewide strike over safety concerns

STAFF at Bathurst Base Hospital will join 22,000 workers across the state planning to strike over fears about workplace safety. Public hospitals across NSW could descend into chaos after more than 500 NSW Health Services Union delegates on Tuesday voted unanimously to stop work for four hours on August 1, as they fight for increased… Read More »

What Do You Do When You Are Sad?

—When I’m sad I act differently depending on the circumstances and the nature of the sadness. If I had a bad day at work, for example, I might reach out to a friend for support. But, if something extreme happened and I was extremely sad, like a traumatic event, somebody got hurt or (God forbid)… Read More »

Cosmetic surgeons’ billboard sparks debate over body shaming

A Philadelphia billboard featuring a scantily clad woman has sparked outcry this week for what some residents regarded as body shaming. The billboard, which says “Keeping Our Beaches Beautiful,” is an ad for the cosmetic surgery firm Gabay & Gottlieb. But some critics have asserted that the billboard implies non-“beautiful” people don’t belong on the beach. Some… Read More »