Be a Student, Not a Slave

By | May 2, 2018

“The good times you put in your pocket. The hard times go to your heart, and that’s when you discover who you are”-Les Brown

What I am going to say right now may be radical, but it will require stepping back from your situation and really thinking about God and the Law of Attraction. In my previous entry called “The Law of Attraction works every time”, I mentioned that sometimes God answers our prayers in unexpected ways. Most teachers of the Law of Attraction say that the reason we are going through negative situations is because we are attracting them, I agree with them, but to a point. From my personal experience and reading the experiences of so many others, I learned that all negative things we are attracting are sometimes necessary for us to make clear what we do want to in our lives. God does not just heap heavy burdens on us so we will suffer. God never does anything in a random and haphazard way. Those things we deem as “negative” in our lives are Gods way of teaching us how to live happier lives and until we learn, he will continue to heap them on our shoulders, this not because God is punishing us, but it is because God loves us.

Here, take this example, do you remember when your parents disciplined you for doing something that they thought was wrong? They called it punishment, but what was the true aim of that “punishment?” It was to teach you a lesson, not because they hated you, but because they LOVED you. Sometimes the greatest messenger of Love is pain. I know this is radical and may not be politically correct. God wants you to be abundant but so long as you have those bad habits that are keeping you back, the Law of Attraction will never bring that abundance to you. Instead, you will experience the exact opposite of what you desire, but you must not look at this as a punishment.

To view misfortune as a punishment will not help you attract the good things, in fact if you view your hard times as punishments rather than as lessons, you reinforce the already negative thoughts you may have about yourself. You start thinking” I am worthy of punishment, I am no good, even if I don’t do that again, I will still be a bad person” You see? Even if you do not commit the act that elicited the negative response, you will still think you are not worthy. I have experienced this in every aspect of my life.

So I am asking you to look at misfortune and hard times as lessons, this way you are a student of God, not a slave. Remember, God created you in his image and likeness, God is not a slave and you are not meant to be a slave, that is why you have freewill. You have every right to exercise the creators’ power in you, to attract what you want.

In short, what I am saying is, view yourself as a recipient of Gods love and learn your lessons as a student not as a slave. When you change this mindset, you will attract anything you desire, as a student, you remain free, as a slave you remain a victim.

Doron Alon is the author of The Bible and the Law of Attraction.
He is also CEO of Numinosity Press Incorporated, a small independent publisher of spiritual and religious works.

Doron Alon is the CEO of Numinosity Press Incorporated, a small independent publisher of spiritual and religious works.