JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack – Forge Grey

By | April 3, 2018
JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack - Forge Grey

The JanSport Big Student Pack is the classic JanSport school backpack for students of all ages who carry large loads across campus. Two large main compartments plus organizer and stash pockets make this the bag that gets all your stuff where you need it to go.

  • Pockets: 5 interior slip, 4 exterior

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  1. lauren nichols
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    Good roomy bag for GRAD student., October 15, 2015

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    This review is from: JanSport Big Student Classics Series Backpack – Blue (Sports)
    So I have been using a messenger bag for the last year, but decided to switch back to a traditional backpack because my back has been killing me. As a grad school student I needed a bag with multiple compartments, and enough room for several heavy binders and books. I had this backpack when I was in highschool (go ’04!), and I used to love it so I decided to give it a second go. I still have the old one but it’s covered in Sharpie designs.
    Although I just got this bag in the mail today I can say a few things. Will update the post in a few months.

    1. It has plenty of room! More than I remembered. I can easily fit my laptop sleeve, 2 binders, multiple notebooks, and other misc objects.
    2. The zipper is currently annoying- it gets stuck on the inner lining, but I suspect this is because the bag is brand new. Over time I imagine everything will loosen up.
    3. It is very lightweight- so you are not adding extra weight on top of all the junk you have to carry.
    4. I am slightly disappointed that the material has changed from the older model. It feels a bit thinner, and the bottom of the bag isn’t double lined to insure extra support for carrying heavy things, BUT the bag looks to be made well, and with the company promise I’ll just request another if this one breaks.
    5. The straps will need to be broken in for sure. They do have an internal padding for comfort, but it all feels stiff at the moment.
    6. I chose the gray- which is pretty similar to the online description image so I’m pleased. Dark enough to hide dirt, but not another black bag added to the collection.
    7. A main reason I liked this backpack back then was the pencil case that still is present in this one. It’s right up front (top zipper) so I never felt like I was digging for something to write with.

    SO.. yes I do feel a bit dorky as this bag is clearly designed for a highschool student (not really stylish by any means), but I can already carry twice as much as my Patagonia messenger so I’m happy.

    JANSPORT! Could you possibly offer your bags without the large logo smack in the middle? I think the label defers interest.

  2. Biggins
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    beat like a dog for six years and going strong, December 15, 2017

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    My wife has used this everyday for the past six years. It goes to work, on trips, on the subway. It hauls her crap
    plus kids crap – snacks, diapers, toys, rocks, bottle caps, melted crayons, exploded yogurts, wet swimsuits, overdue library books. She has worked this thing to death and shone it no love. She walks in the door and drops it where it lands. The next day she picks it up and walks out. This bag does not care. It looks like Hell but it is still going.
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Love these backpacks! Good for school and travel!!, August 4, 2017
    BEFKATE (California) –

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    I have 3 busy boys. When we first bought these backpacks they were starting 4rd, 8th and 11th grades. All 3 of them love the numerous pockets and divisions which help them stay organized. They love the variety of colors and they each picked colors and styles to match their personalities. My middle son is very hard on everything he owns. One year we picked out a $65 backpack (not a Jansport), which he had torn a hole in before the third month of use, this we replaced with yet another brand that faired only better than the original. This is when we decided to try this style. He has now had his backpack for 2 years and I am going to buy him a replacement one to start 10th grade. The top strap is torn and the backpack is dirty and a bit torn on the bottom but considering the child using it, it has held up beyond my expectations (I would have been happy with 1 year and we got 2!!). The other 2 boys, now a 6th grader and a college freshman) are still using their original backpacks and despite offering the college freshman a new backpack, he says his is still good. I think he likes the softer more malleable shoulder straps of his well worn backpack.

    I bought one for myself and use it when we travel. It easily fits a lot of my travel necesities and all the pockets help me keep our travel papers, laptop and other essentials organized and on hand.

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