Key Education Sentence Building Reviews

By | January 3, 2018
Key Education Sentence Building

Enhance early grammar and reading skills with sturdy, interlocking cards that cover parts of speech, capital letters, punctuation, building sentences, and more! Tailor activities to different learning levels with this fun set, which includes grammatically color-coded cards (55 word, 4 punctuation, and 27 photo cards), game ideas, sample sentences, and teaching suggestions. It also supports NCTE and NAEYC standards. Key Education products are intended to engage and educate young and special learners, as well as assist teachers in building a strong and developmentally appropriate curriculum for these children. The product line―comprised of teacher/parent resource books, photographic learning cards, and other activity- and game-oriented materials―is designed to assist in Unlocking the Potential in Every Child.

  • Includes grammatically color-coded cards (55 word, 4 punctuation and 27 photo cards)
  • Game ideas, sample sentences and teaching suggestions
  • Tailor activities to different learning levels
  • Supports NCTE and NAEYC standards

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