The Mahayana

Dear Friends (and Foes),   Since my childhood, the two epics: the Ramayana and the Mahabharata have fascinated (and flabbergasted) me and my wit (if any) to a large extent. Why so, to unveil… let me begin with the Ramayana. The king Dasharatha had got three wives. Perhaps any Hindu marriage act was not applicable… Read More »

Solutions for Troubled Teens: Different Methods for Treating Behavioral Conditions

Teens undergo different changes that affect how they act and think. Juvenile delinquency is one of the common problems that society experiences due to teenage behavioral issues. Some of these may include massive drug, alcohol, and nicotine addiction. To treat teenagers who suffer from such dependencies, treatment centers and boarding schools for troubled teens have… Read More »

The Heavy Price of Contempt

Sardines are very common fish in the sea, their bodies are thin, but they are almost all fish’s food, but it can kill a huge whale. The way of sardines killing whales is simple. When they encounter a whale, sardines are desperately to escape, and the whale will open the mouth following after the sardines.… Read More »