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What cause anxiety attack

Struggling with anxiety can stop you in your tracks and ruin future plans. Dairy has been linked to increased candida infections also, take note if you have sinus infections or brain fog. Available for Android and iOS devices. The stages or parts of anxiety attacks that one person experiences may be completely different from the experiences… Read More »

What to do if asthma attack

For an attack that is relatively mild and getting better with the quick-what to do if asthma attack bronchodilator, you can take the corticosteroid medication by inhalation. You will need to continue to use your quick-relief bronchodilator in the meantime, as often as every hour, if needed. It is also a good idea to discuss… Read More »

How long can anxiety attack symptoms last

Hi My name is , I am just glad you made it home. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. An Acid-Sensing Channel Sows Fear and Panic”. Is there anything I can do besides WB? It used exposure therapy to treat the patients over a period. Screening for… Read More »

How to Deal with a Panic Attack

Have I ever told you that I used to have panic attacks? No? Well, we’ll fix that today. Everyone experiences them a little differently, but they all suck the big one. This is what mine look like: Intense fear, feeling like the world is about to end, feeling like I’m “losing it,” hyperventilating, sobbing, and… Read More »

Eight warning signs of a heart attack you can get a month before having one

Having a heart attack is a serious medical emergency which requires immediate attention. If you’ve experienced one yourself or had a loved one who has suffered a heart attack, it can be a frightening and devastating experience for everyone. A heart attack, medically known as a myocardial infarction, is when the supply of blood to… Read More »