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Can you drink on military diet

We told you, stay away from the counter, or you can fall in the same trap! Regardless of where you make them, exercises are important in any diet. The 3-day diet menu allows you to eat these many calories for dinner each and every day, because its proponents know how hard it is to diet… Read More »

Can you drink herbal tea after eating

If in doubt, call your GP to find out the best course of action – you might need to take a replacement pill ASAP. Intermittent fasting holds the potential for a myriad of health benefits, all without counting calories or hours of preparation. Bonus: l-theanine also helps to support a state of mindfulness. Oz opens… Read More »

Older adults who drink tea are less likely to be depressed

Previous research has suggested that there is a link between depression and tea drinking. Now, a new study is investigating this relationship further. Depression is common among older adults, with 7% of those over the age of 60 years reporting “major depressive disorder.” Accordingly, research is underway to identify possible causes, which include genetic predisposition,… Read More »

Can u drink on blood pressure pills

Hypertension attributed to alcohol  is the most common cause of hospital admissions related to alcohol. No, Nyquil and High Blood Pressure does not can u drink on blood pressure pills together. Salt: What’s Worse for Blood Pressure? The heart benefits seem strongest when eating fatty fish twice a week. In your case, your doctor has… Read More »