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We Are Eating Far Too Much Plastic

Anyone who reads my newsletter is well aware of the growing environmental catastrophe of plastic pollution. Microplastics from artificial clothing fibers, microbeads found in personal care products, broken down plastics from bottles, fishing nets, plastic bags and biosolids spread on cropland are a human-created nightmare for our environment, particularly our oceans, waterways, marine and bird… Read More »

Medical News Today: Can simply naming vegetables differently increase healthful eating?

How do you encourage people to eat their greens? A new study shows that naming vegetable dishes with adjectives that promote their flavor increases positive thinking about healthful eating. New research examines the psychological effect of food descriptions. For some, a healthful diet means having to tolerate eating bland tasting, unsatisfying foods, which can seem… Read More »

Eating chicken instead of steak or sausages ‘slashes a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer’

Eating chicken instead of steak, lamb or sausages ‘slashes a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer by 28%’ Women who eat a lot of red meat are 23% more likely to develop breast cancer Those who consume poultry are 15% less at risk of the invasive disease  Red meat has been found to contain cancer-causing… Read More »