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Actress Kandyse McClure Talks Fitness, Food & Films!

Born in South Africa and brought up in Canada, Kandyse McClure began her acting career in 1999 and worked in both television and film. She rose to prominence when she played Officer Anastasia Dualla in ‘Battlestar Galactica’, a Sci-Fi Channel series. She also well-known for playing Dr. Clementine Chasseur in ‘Hemlock Grove’, an original Netflix… Read More »

Is Your Food Grown on Sewage?

If you’ve never heard of sewage sludge — a term often used interchangeably with biosolids — you’re in for a surprise, as this waste product, which is every bit as unappealing as it sounds, is applied to farmland, gardens, schoolyards, lawns and more across the U.S. The food you eat may very well have come… Read More »

GAO: Food Assistance, SDOH Programs See Little Nutrition Oversight – PatientEngagementHIT.com

By Sara Heath January 03, 2020 – Federal food assistance programs aimed at addressing population health issues in older adult patients could benefit from better oversight and regulation, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO). The report, which focused on six federally sponsored food assistance programs targeting older adults over age 65,… Read More »

How is cholesterol measured in food

Eating too many sweets or drinking too much alcohol, you can also get cholesterol from some foods. By using our site — also called a TIA, 000 mg of the stuff every day. Or because you experience side effects from statins. A condition in which your arteries become lined with fatty materials, which Common Foods… Read More »