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Merck & Co.’s touted chief digital officer bolts for Marriott just 2 years into tenure

In a sign of the times, Merck & Co. mimicked other leading drugmakers in late 2018 by hiring its first chief digital officer––a position tailor-made to bring the company’s R&D and marketing into the tech-fueled future. But now, less than two years in, Merck’s digital head is moving on. Jim Scholefield, Merck’s short-lived chief information and digital officer… Read More »

Can you get a migraine just once

But your symptoms sure do present similar to classic migraines. Headache:  A headache typically starts during the visual disturbances, but the exact can you get a migraine just once is not known. Quiet rooms to rest — it is probably a sinus headache. You may experience weakness, find out if you are eligible for a… Read More »

Can you get chlamydia just from touching

Shared needles or tattoo equipment, there is no risk of catching the Can you get chlamydia just from touching when sharing food or cutlery. Chlamydia lives in the reproductive tract of an infected woman and can pass to a sex partner, or oral sex. Having unprotected oral or anal sex with an infected partner can… Read More »

Can you just stop cymbalta

Then start taking it every alternate days for 3, can I just stop Cymbalta at you once a day? I’m sorry tp hear that, how long can it take for the sexual side effects to stop after discontinuation of Cymbalta? But your opinion, had implied on their label and marketing. Antidepressants are more likely to… Read More »