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How to make students learn java

by University of Wollongong Archives How to speed up the learning process in programming is always a myth. Many educators try different methods for this but there always have been a margin of error in that. Here at CIIT now a days Im trying to push a class which include some very hardworking guys to… Read More »

Students learn better with symbols

by University of Wollongong Archives Students always liked maths and working out problems. They tend to get frustrated when can’t get the answers and can’t think about anything else till they do. While some classmates solve high-level maths problems, sometimes even tackling algebra. Acknowledging that there are students of exceptional ability. It is crucial these… Read More »

Learn Your Learning Style

by shareski The ability of people to understand and absorb lessons is certainly different to another. Some are fast learners and some are very slow. Therefore, they often have to tread a different way to understand the same information or subjects. Some students prefer a teacher to teach them how to write everything on the… Read More »