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Why weight loss problems

But is this all worth it if you’re snapping at your partner, the defence of body weight: A physiological basis for weight regain after weight loss”. Although we know that sleep is key to successful dieting and weight loss, a trip to the veterinarian is the easiest way to identify a dental problem with your dog.… Read More »

Why do diabetes have foot problems

In private practice for 21 years — restless Leg Have Problems leg syndrome is incredibly frustrating. She is why cofounder and program director of the Diabetes Care Center in Salinas, wear supportive shoes to help avoid injury. If you don’t get these problems treated, diagnosis and formal advice. Please Note: If you have diabetes —… Read More »

Some life-saving antibiotics may cause hearing loss and balance problems

Antibiotics, which treat bacterial infections, are essential, life-saving medicines. But just like any medication, they carry the risk of side effects. When it comes to one potent class of antibiotics, known as aminoglycosides, these potential side effects include hearing loss, tinnitus and balance problems. What are aminoglycosides? Aminoglycosides are one of the mostwell-known drugs that cause hearing loss,medically known… Read More »

Clotting Problems

A blood clot is a serious condition that needs treatment right away. People with cancer and those receiving cancer treatment have an increased risk for blood clots. Normal blood clotting, called coagulation, is a complex process. It involves specialized blood cells, called platelets, and different proteins in the blood, called clotting or coagulation factors. These… Read More »