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Never stop learning

by telomiova   Yes! That’s right, you should never stop learning. There is no such thing as the top and the smartest level of belonging. Yea, there are math professors, scientists, teachers, and students who have accomplished many goals and struggles but that’s in essence what makes them stronger to be prepared for more learning.… Read More »

Never Stop Learning

by IaninSheffield If you have ever seen someone at the end of his or her career get shoved out the door for someone younger with a whole lot less experience, you will like this post. You see, when we become a bit stagnant in learning we in turn become somewhat dormant in carrying our selves… Read More »

Never Stop Learning

by Hitchster One thing about being a leader is there are no breaks. You always need to be doing something. A large part of being a leader is always learning. I’ve always felt that there’s no limit to the amount of information that can be stored in your brain. Your brain doesn’t have a limit… Read More »