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Best Netbook For Students in 2010

by University of Wollongong Archives The reason that I like a Netbook is not only because they are light, and small, it’s also because they are easy to carry around, and you can do everything that a typical desktop, and laptop can do. Here’s what you should look out for when choosing your next Netbook…… Read More »

Proper Outlook for College Students

by Viktor Karppinen We all know that being a college student is tough. There are many hindrances and obstacles to run over especially when things sometimes do not turn out the way we hopefully expected them to. Many challenges in and outside the classroom frequently arise and these are situations that need our attention, otherwise,… Read More »

How to make students learn java

by University of Wollongong Archives How to speed up the learning process in programming is always a myth. Many educators try different methods for this but there always have been a margin of error in that. Here at CIIT now a days Im trying to push a class which include some very hardworking guys to… Read More »