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Is plastic surgery safe?

Dear Dr. Manny, Is plastic surgery safe? I know so many people get it because they think their faces don’t look right, but surely it can’t be right to cut your face open for no reason? And what is “medical tourism?” Thanks for your question. Absolutely no medical procedure or surgery is risk-free. That being… Read More »

Ex-FDA adviser says LASIK eye surgery should be banned

Millions of Americans have undergone LASIK eye surgery to correct their vision, but one former FDA adviser who voted to approve the procedure now thinks it should be banned because of complications faced by some patients. “Essentially we ignored the data on vision distortions that persisted for years,” Morris Waxler told CBS News. “I re-examined… Read More »

Man undergoes emergency surgery after dentures found lodged in throat days following procedure

Say Goodbye to Dentures Getting rid of dentures for good can take months to complete, but a revolutionary procedure allows patients to get complete dental implants in just one day A 72-year-old man’s dentures were found lodged in his throat eight days after he had surgery, leading to complications and forcing him to later undergo… Read More »