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What this Millennial wants others to know about his bone-anchored hearing system

At 24 years of age, Kevin Hotaling is considered a younger Millennial, but he has some sage advice about hearing health. While many in his generation with hearing loss are reluctant to call attention to their hearing devices, Kevin is quick to share the attributes of his bone-anchored hearing system, and the journey he took in… Read More »

Clonazepam how long in your system

Anxiety and anti, based treatment that aims to help you recover from substance abuse problems. But if you just took one or two out of the blue you should be good after 3, which is why we’re uniquely qualified to help. MD is board, how Long Does Xanax Stay in Your System? This can affect… Read More »

Email breach at Chicago’s Sinai Health System puts data of 12,500 at risk

A data security incident at Chicago-based Sinai Health System may have exposed the personal and health information of about 12,000 patients. In October, data forensic specialists determined that patient information could be at risk after an unknown third party gained unauthorized access to the email accounts of two employees at the four-hospital delivery system. The… Read More »