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Kenya joins malaria vaccine rollout

Kenya has added the world’s first malaria vaccine to the routine immunisation schedule for children under two, becoming the third country in Africa to roll out the vaccine for the disease that kills one child globally every two minutes. Malaria is a top killer of children under five in the East African nation, and the… Read More »

Identification of protective antibodies may be key to malaria vaccine

An Oxford-led study has identified the antibodies that may hold the key to creating the first effective vaccine against malaria infection in the blood. Researchers from the University of Oxford, along with partners from five institutions around the world, have identified the human antibodies that prevent the malaria parasite from entering blood cells, which may… Read More »

No, the HPV vaccine isn’t optional

A lot of parents ask me, about the HPV vaccine, “Isn’t that the optional one?” Well, let me walk you through why my answer to that question is a hard “no.” Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a virus that causes warts and several types of cancer. There are over 200 different strains of HPV, some of which… Read More »