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Anti-vaxxer’s viral plea explodes

A mothers group who called for the term “anti-vaxxer” to be scrapped, calling it “highly-offensive” have received heavy criticism online. US-based group Crazy Mothers, who describe themselves as on a mission to “spread vaccine injury and recovery awareness, took to social media recently to implore for the term anti-vaxxer to be “retired” from use. Instead,… Read More »

Many Women on HIV Treatment Are at Risk of Developing a Detectable Viral Load

Beset with numerous life challenges that may compromise their adherence to antiretrovirals (ARVs), many women living with HIV are at substantial long-term risk of developing a detectable viral load. Publishing their Findings in JAMA Network Open, researchers from the Women’s Interagency HIV Study, an ongoing longitudinal cohort study, analyzed data on 1,989 women with the… Read More »