5 Perfect Shoe Styles For 5 Different Occasions

By | April 29, 2021

5 Perfect Shoe Styles For 5 Different Occasions
5 Perfect Shoe Styles For 5 Different Occasions

5 Perfect Shoe Styles For 5 Different Occasions : Most of us love our shoe collection, and some of us are even running out of space! On the one hand, having such a broad selection of shoes allows for additional variety in our lives.

But on the other hand, it can get overwhelming on which shoe to wear when: board shoes, athletic shoes, cowboy boots, and driving moccasins, the list goes on! That’s why we created this guide for you to easily know which shoe should be worn for which occasion.

  1. White Sneakers

    Let’s start with the easy one first: every fashion-forward woman should own a pair of white sneakers. Classy and comfortable, white sneakers look great with jeans of any color, but especially the dark denim. Add a blazer for a trendy style that is casual and fun. This look is great for hanging out with friends at a barbecue or a ballgame.

    One of the more popular trends we are seeing with white sneakers is fancy customizations or additional unique styles. For example, we’ve seen a lot of women lately buying custom sneakers as a way to go a step further with their style. Will this trend hold up? Who knows but one thing is for sure: when you own a one-of-a-kind pair of shoes, you will definitely receive compliments and eye turns as you walk.

  2. Dress Shoes

    If you own a suit, you must also own a pair of Oxfords or Derby dress shoes. Nothing else says classic like these shoes. However, the medallion, bronze, and onyx colors of old have been updated to lilac, pink, red, and olive colors. Dress up the look with side snaps, two-tones, leather and suede contrasts, and even exotic plaid and floral prints.

    The new dress shoes complement anything you wear – the one with slim-fitting suits, sassy hats, and vibrant colors. These shoes are perfect for the boardroom, formal occasions, and power lunches. While you make a speech, your Oxfords can be making their own statement.

  3. Driving Loafers

    Do you love to take long drives? Or maybe your day includes long meetings, congested commutes, and rushes through the airport. Either way, you will want to do it in comfort and with style. Nobody wants to look like a bum while working or commuting. Slip on some ultra comfortable moccasins for a business casual look and a buttery soft feel. Driving moccasins are typically leather with a gripping grommet bottom.

    Today they come in a plethora of jewel tones, tropical colors like lime or orange, as well as neutral blacks, browns, and tans. Shake up your look with a slim pair of jeans or some cotton shorts, a forest green pair of driving mocs from Jack Erwin Parker, and a great matching scarf. You will look ready to jump in your Ferrari and fly down the highway. These shoes are fashion-forward, even if you don’t own a hot Italian sports car.

  4. Boots

    Ah, the boot. Simple, classic, and comfortable, these are the shoes that transcend the ages. Whether you choose a leather lace-up, a hand-tooled cowboy style, or some rough-and-rowdy biker boots, these shoes will complement a variety of cooler weather clothes. Choose the right boot for the job, though.

    Beautiful quality, the Chelsea Boots are a short and stylish grey suede boot with leather heel and toe covers. This boot is casual chic, perfect with a pair of wool trousers. Wing-tip Chukka boots from Nunn Bush Odell offer a classic Oxford look with a low boot height – perfect for those winter suits. A plain-toe zip-up or slip-on boot is a happy medium between comfort and style. Wear them with your jeans or a great pair of corduroys. Luxury ankle dress boots with side buckles accent formal wear nicely. Save these boots for your Sunday best outfits.

    Western boots (also known as cowboy boots) are wildly popular and sturdy. These boots can be hand-stitched with intricate designs for your personal style. They come in a wide variety of materials such as bison, ostrich, and alligator leathers and suedes. Zip them up, pull them on, button them down – there is a boot for every personality. Metal taps, fringes, stitching, and heel sizes help to distinguish your look. Pair up distressed leather or suede boots with a pair of faded denim for a delicious ‘cowboy’ look that women find irresistible.

    Another popular boot type is the motorcycle boot. These boots have a ‘bad-boy’ image that is associated with Harley riders and motorcycle gangs. However, these super sturdy boots offer Goodyear welt soles, perfect for gripping oily asphalt. The leather cap toes and shaft will protect your feet from road rash in an accident. The soles grip well on motorcycle pegs and footrests for comfort and safety. Most motorcycle boots also have a classic metal ‘O’ ring on the side that holds three leather straps for decoration and fit.

  5. Athletic Shoes

    Whether you prefer skate-boarding, basketball, or walking, athletic shoes are the perfect choice for active days. Maybe you just want to ‘look’ active. A great pair of custom-painted Vans is the perfect complement to a pair of dark-wash jeans and a classy polo. If you prefer your shoes to be the statement item of your outfit, then the popular Kanye West ‘Yeezy’ shoes will fit the bill. A chunky sole tapers to a slim toe for support and comfort. Vibrant colors, overlays of different materials, and contrasting panels make these shoes an eye-catching accent to any casual outfit.

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5 Perfect Shoe Styles For 5 Different Occasions

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