5 Tips for Good CFD Geometry Generation

By | February 16, 2019

CFD geometry can easily be produced and meshed. But all meshes do not have the same success ratio. Hence; there is a need to control the problematic areas that can affect good CFD geometry generation. Let us look at these tips in details:

  • Over impendency: Nowadays we are all aware of the power of computers that are available for CFD solutions. Hence; the details that are captured are ought to be impressive. But still there are certain bits and pieces that have little to no impact on result. Hence; they are best to be removed. Many a times problems are caused due to small pieces of geometry that can impact mesh generation. Hence; they need to be eliminated beforehand.
  • Trifle surfaces:  Small surfaces are part of a big problem when it comes to good CFD geometry generation.In effect the mesh that will be created will be smaller which have significant impact on CFD geometry generation. Hence; it is advisable to remove them completely or replace them with a laser sharp edge or if they are unimportant blend them out.
  • Narrow angles: Now when narrow angles are produced the mesh will have problems fitting into the corner. So it is important to cut the corner marginally so that the element volume does not reach zero.
  • Cyclic equilibrium: It is very difficult to produce cyclic equilibrium. Hence; it is important to have the geometry match exactly the same on the mating faces. Normally it is also observed that copying and pasting the individual surface, line, point from one boundary to another within the mesh software is observed. But it is also very important to observe that  the geometry meets perfectly at each end as well.
  • Very poor geometry practice: Building a CAD model on surfaces that overlap or do not meet is asking for trouble and should be avoided.
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