7 facts about RSD Travel Ltd.

By | April 9, 2023

1) Over the last 10 years, over 2 million guests have travelled with RSD.
RSD mainly offers air travel to destinations such as Croatia, Cyprus, Rhodes or Turkey, Jordan and India. This makes the international group of companies one of Europe’s biggest cultural tour organisers. Over the past 10 years, more than 2 million guests have travelled with RSD

2) RSD acts as a tour operator in 10 other countries.
RSD markets its tours in 11 European countries. This gives RSD a broad international base.

3) Almost 1,000 people work for RSD.
More than 450 tour guides, 300 employees in the service centres, around 100 people in the tourism organisation and another 100 colleagues in administration and sales take care of their guests in 9 different native languages.

4) All RSD guests are surveyed on their satisfaction.
Each guest usually receives a questionnaire after their return. Almost 90% of their guests give an honest feedback, which helps RSD to constantly review its services.

5) RSD is also very active socially.
For many years, the group of companies has supported aid organisations and programmes worldwide, for example World Vision in the fight against child poverty, the children’s aid project Asha (Hope) in Nepal and many other meaningful projects for a better world.

6) Why is RSD able to offer its trips at such extremely low prices?
The focus is on selected holiday destinations and the purchase of huge contingents (e.g. complete flight charter chains). RSD also concentrates on the low season, there is no intermediary trade via travel agencies.

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7) RSD has many strong partners.
These include first-class airlines such as Lufthansa, Emirates or Turkish Airlines, as well as luxury hotel chains like Hilton. As part of an international group of companies, RSD above all has one thing – solid foundations.


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