Assignment Writing- A Boring Job? Read This to Find It Interesting!

By | October 8, 2018

Writing an assignment is an art. It needs writing skills, critical thinking, logical coherence and steady approach to the topic. You need to concentrate on what you present and how you present in a keen manner to arrive at an impressive end result.

How to start your prep for an assignment?

The first thing to do is not to ignore the task when the teacher assigns it. There is no room for procrastination- you need to take up the matter at once. Read what the topic is and how it hits you. Your ideas could be triggered off by a phrase in it or you are moved by a verb in the topic. Whatever it might be, you jot down what your impressions are about the topic. Then decide what material you have in hand- whether it is sufficient to provide an assignment which could substantiate your ideas for the topic given or you need to research further. Even if the ideas are more than ample in your hand, you could go in for a random survey of ideas and points to add a boosted effect to your topic. This is at the initial stage.  While doing research upon the topic, you can source out various online resources and seek Assignment Help for the particular topic.

The writing phase of an assignment

Well, it is your assignment which you could design in your original way. Still, since it smacks of academic tint, you need to dwell upon certain fundamental aspects like outline, paragraphs, referencing, bibliography and introduction and conclusion.

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 Frame the outline first- what to say in the assignment and which style of referencing. If it were argumentative topics, to support or deny- what evidences you could procure for that and so on. As the outline goes on, check the relevant materials on hand once again to make sure of their availability and sufficiency.

Start with the introduction. It has to state what the topic you are presenting is and how you are going to introduce it. In the introduction, you would suggest the way in which you are taking the topic along in your assignment so that the reader would get a hint at what you would suggest in the end and would prepare himself to read you. Next, it is not bulletin points you are expected to give in your assignment, but present your ideas in a logical coherence paragraph wise.

 Make each paragraph interesting and appealing with a new supportive idea which could be a connecting link to the idea in the previous paragraph. Conclude with what you wish to say in a strong manner to make your stand clear. Homework assignments vary in design, style and matter to suit the academic needs which are put forth by the teacher.

Referencing and style

Stick to the expected referencing like Harvard or otherwise and take care of the formatting like headings, subheadings etc. See that bibliography or resource list is properly placed. Proofread, spell check and edit and reedit your assignment. This is especially important when you learn how to write a paper at college level, where research paper writing carries much predominance.

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