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Education Jobs

by Universitat Pompeu Fabra Barcelona Education jobs can vary widely in the most modern countries. The education jobs are usually found for primary, secondary, graduation and for higher studies. In each and every step the kind of responsibility one has to shoulder would be different. Apart from being an academician, education industry opens the door… Read More »

Laptops for Students

by University of Wollongong Archives Nowadays laptops have become a necessity for everyone especially for students. For this purpose, the manufacturers should design their laptops according to the needs of students. Not all the laptops or notebooks available today are fulfilling the requirements of students in specific. To begin with, the price of the laptops… Read More »

Never Stop Learning

by Hitchster One thing about being a leader is there are no breaks. You always need to be doing something. A large part of being a leader is always learning. I’ve always felt that there’s no limit to the amount of information that can be stored in your brain. Your brain doesn’t have a limit… Read More »

Mandarin Language Students

by Centre College Special Collections Learning Mandarin, as I have argued in quite a few articles on this page, is much less about studying the language than it is about actually speaking Chinese. As Mandarin is pretty much confined to China in way that English, for example, is not confined to countries where it is… Read More »

Learn Your Learning Style

by shareski The ability of people to understand and absorb lessons is certainly different to another. Some are fast learners and some are very slow. Therefore, they often have to tread a different way to understand the same information or subjects. Some students prefer a teacher to teach them how to write everything on the… Read More »