Bacterium Has a Very Strong Social Function

By | September 28, 2018

Generally speaking, is the bacterium really usually the single-cell, simple structure, the lack of the nucleus and cells skeleton as well as a film-shaped organelles? In fact, more and more studies have shown that the things are not as simple as……

Textbook only wrote bacteria have a thick cell wall, and their structure is summarized as “simple”. The description of the structure is very scarce – the fact proved that in bacteria, protein bones and the compartment structure is very common.

Those complex cells what composite of our body cells make up a variety of different shapes, although they are only wrapped with a soft film. The mystery of it is that they have an internal skeleton or rather the cytoskeleton. A fibers structure composed of protein can freely add or remove certain components. Cytoskeleton not only helps maintain the shape of the cell, but also has the role of transport intracellular molecules “track”. When the separatist activities worked in the cell, cytoskeleton can make sure that all the molecules stay in its place accurately.

We have known that bacteria will communicate with each other by releasing chemical signals. These signals can help bacteria to feel that the similar materials around them. Once the number is enough, they began to gather – this is a so-called “quorum sensing”. When they gathered in the piece, they tend to capture the greater prey – and the goal is same like wolves to get together to hunt.

Not only that, the different species of bacteria will have a very close cooperation. In a recent experiment, scientists put the two types of bacteria in containers which contain ethanol and fumaric acid to cultivate at the same time. In theory, these two types of bacteria will die, but the fact is surprising: they look very strong. The researchers found that they formed a tiny nano-network, they can be connected to an electronic conduction online, thus enabling them to play their respective strengths. Some biologists believe that these networks in soil and marine sediments should be very common.

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Yes, a bacterium is more complex than what we imagine to be much more complex, and they have a very strong social function.

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