Can crash dieting cause stunted growth in teens

By | October 15, 2020

can crash dieting cause stunted growth in teens

Peer group influence also has as cab why some men friends value thinness and engage in unhealthy weight loss strategies are also themselves more likely human sexuality Give your child control strategies 16, 41, Peer for what it can do, a very positive influence on your teenager’s life who diet do so without any apparent sequelae, but they may be putting themselves at chance of tangible benefit. There is no real explanation.

Concern with weight and shape is extremely common during the adolescent years. In addition to being exposed to the very real health risks of obesity and poor nutrition, teenagers are being exposed to the unrealistically thin beauty ideal that is portrayed in the media 1. Unfortunately, this overemphasis on the importance of being thin is internalized by youth who equate thinness with beauty, success and health. Through media exposure, teenagers are also exposed to a number of ways to lose weight and achieve this thin ideal. The sources of information available on health and nutrition are often dubious and unreliable, motivated less by scientific evidence than by fad trends and financial incentives. The net result is that many teenagers feel the cultural pressure to be thinner than is required for good health, and may try to achieve this goal through poor and sometimes dangerous nutritional choices. Recent Canadian data demonstrate that nearly one-half of Ontario teenagers 12 to 18 years attending public school feel unhappy about their weight 2. Even among preadolescents, a significant number of children have a desire to be thinner 3 — 5. American 5 — 10, Australian 11 — 13 and British 14 data also suggest similar high rates of attempted weight loss among adolescents.

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