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New mobile infrared heater launched by ARC Thermal: slashes home and office heating bills

The new LAVA® STAND mobile infrared heater slashes home and office heating bills as running costs are only 10p per hour (based on £0.34/kWh). This contrasts with 68p an hour for a 2kW fan heater or about £2.47 to heat a typical three-bedroom house for an hour with gas central heating. If working from home,… Read More »

Can You Eliminate Bad Breath for Good?

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a common condition, affecting 50% of adults at some point in their lives.1 The word stems from the Latin “halitus” (breath) and the Greek “osis,” which means a pathological process.2 However, it’s said that mouthwash giant Listerine was the first to actually coin “halitosis” as a medical condition.3 Bad breath… Read More »

Update on Mercola Headquarters

As previously reported, the Mercola website was cyberattacked and taken offline September 23, 2022. The attack also destroyed our email servers. We’d barely begun recovering from that ordeal when Category 4 hurricane Ian barreled through Cape Coral, Florida, on September 28, damaging our headquarters. The storm ripped off our building’s solar panels, damaging the roof… Read More »