Censorship Wasn’t Enough, They Want to Destroy Us

By | November 16, 2022

Cyberwar is currently taking place on several levels. On the international level, China and Russia in particular have become known for their hacking skills. As reported by “Full Measure,”1 corporate cybercrime around the world is now costing $ 940 billion each year, and that cost is only going up.

Russian hackers tend to focus on the financial gains of ransomware, the attack on the Colonial Pipeline in 2021 being one notable example.2 China, meanwhile, tends to pursue American trade secrets. One example given is the cyber theft of the engineering plans for the American F-35 fighter jet.

According to the “Full Measure” report (video above), the U.S. government estimates between $ 200 billion and $ 600 billion in trade secrets and intellectual property has been stolen every year for the last two decades. The end game of all this cyberwarfare is “to rule the world,” James Lewis, a cyber security expert with the Center for International and Strategic Studies, told “Full Measure.”

China, he says, has been selected to be the dominant power in the world, and “They believe China should be setting the rules internationally.” Lewis doesn’t specify who “they” are, but most likely he’s referring to the self-described “elites” that work for and/or with the World Economic Forum to bring about The Great Reset.

They, indeed, have their sights on replicating the Chinese surveillance and control system worldwide, but whether they’ll actually allow the Chinese to rule their New World Order is up for debate.

Destroying Dissenters Through Cyberwarfare

So, generally speaking, cyberattacks and hacking have become a primary business. There’s big money in it, whether we’re talking about the theft of intellectual property or holding critical information hostage for ransom.

But cyberattacks are not just a financial enterprise. Cyberwarfare is also used to destroy dissenters, and most of those attacks are conducted on a national level — meaning, governments are using cyberwarfare techniques on their own citizens.

When hackers destroyed my website and email servers, they clearly had no intention of making money off of it. They wanted to destroy our infrastructure, and they were successful. Who would want to do that? The Russians? The Chinese? Probably not. No, the culprits are far more likely to originate within U.S. borders.

We now know that Big Tech has been pressured by the global Great Reset cabal to censor people, around the world, who reveal their agenda and speak out against their plans. In the U.S., Big Tech has also been illegally pressured to violate free-speech rights by a large number of U.S. government officials, including President Biden personally.

The intent behind it is the same. The U.S. government is pursuing The Great Reset agenda and that includes keeping the COVID plandemic alive and getting as many as possible to submit to voluntary “vaccassination.” Facebook and Twitter both have special portals3 that government officials use to censor content. Whatever government disagrees with vanishes from the platforms, no questions asked.

Academics funded by the likes of Bill Gates have also published globalist propaganda calling for cyberterrorism experts to go on the counteroffensive to snuff out antivaxxers, the so-called “disinformation dozen” in particular. As it happens, I am at the top of that list, and as it happens, my website was targeted and destroyed by sophisticated hackers. Coincidence? I think not.

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It’s quite clear that those behind this attack were not in it for the money. They wanted to silence me by putting me out of business. Fortunately, they did not succeed in that overarching goal. My articles are still being published through Substack, and we were able to get our online market back up which pays the bills for this newsletter and staff in only a few days.

But the message is clear. Censoring us is not enough. They want to destroy us — and not just me but all of us. The list of organizations that have had their websites erased or destroyed by hackers is a long one at this point, and they all have one thing in common. They seek to educate people about what’s really going on, in particular the truth about the COVID shots, which are neither safe nor effective.

Equally long, if not longer, is the list of individuals and organizations who have been debanked and had their online payment accounts shut down for the “crime” of sharing information that doesn’t fit the globalist narrative. All of these tactics are tactics used in modern war, and now they’re being used against us.

Public Call for Cyberterrorism Against US Citizens

One of the most aggressive promoters of illegal cyberwarfare against U.S. citizens is Gates-funded pediatrician Dr. Peter Hotez,4 dean for the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston.

He’s also the co-director of the Texas Children’s Center for Vaccine Development and, ironically, a health policy scholar in the Baylor Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, despite having no intention of applying medical ethics whatsoever.

Twice the formerly prestigious science journal Nature has published articles by Hotez in which he calls for the use of cyberwarfare assaults on American citizens who disagree with official COVID narratives.

The first came out in April 2021.5 In that article, Hotez argued that stopping the spread of COVID “will require a high-level counteroffensive” against “destructive forces,” meaning those sharing information about the dangers and absolute uselessness of the COVID shots.

Of course, propaganda wouldn’t be propaganda without certain key slurs, so people concerned about vaccine safety are described as “far-right extremists” and “conspiracy theorists” fueled by Russian misinformation.

“Accurate, targeted counter-messaging from the global health community is important but insufficient, as is public pressure on social-media companies. The United Nations and the highest levels of governments must take direct, even confrontational, approaches with Russia, and move to dismantle anti-vaccine groups in the United States,” Hotez wrote.6

“Efforts must expand into the realm of cyber security, law enforcement, public education and international relations. A high-level inter-agency task force reporting to the UN secretary-general could assess the full impact of anti-vaccine aggression, and propose tough, balanced measures.

The task force should include experts who have tackled complex global threats such as terrorism, cyber attacks and nuclear armament, because anti-science is now approaching similar levels of peril. It is becoming increasingly clear that advancing immunization requires a counteroffensive.”

Nature Publishes Second Hotez Threat

Today, more than a year later, many of Hotez’ arguments for the COVID jab are moot. Pfizer itself has even admitted they never tested the shot to see if it actually prevented infection and spread. We also have clear data showing it does not, in fact, prevent spread, and therefore cannot end the pandemic no matter how many people get the jab or how many doses they take.

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Hotez, however, is doubling down. In a November 2, 2022, Nature article,7 he argues that “SARS-CoV-2 variants offer a second chance to fix vaccine inequities” and “combat rising anti-vaccine aggression.” Ironically, Hotez was out of step with reality even as his article was being published.

“The failures to both fully vaccinate and boost could create a dire situation in 2023 as the Omicron subvariants continue mutating … with unprecedented growth and immune escape advantages,” Hotez wrote, paying no attention to the fact that even people with five doses are still getting sick with COVID.

Gauging by the case of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the fifth dose may offer only four weeks of protection. Clearly, more doses are not the answer. If five doses can’t protect you for more than a month, why continue?

Hotez doesn’t address any of these realities, however, and instead doubles down on aggressively eliminating those who contribute to the growing “vaccine hesitancy.”

“The anti-vaccine movement has evolved into a deliberate, organized and well-financed destructive force,” he writes in his latest article. “It kills more people than global terrorism, nuclear proliferation and cyberattacks combined. Yet, we do not treat it as such …

Promoting local vaccine production of the Omicron boosters while countering the anti-vaccine activism … represent the new twin pillars of global vaccine equity. Urgent action to address both forces will help to correct the past mistakes …”

Part of the “countering anti-vaccine activism” that Hotez is repeatedly calling for is cyberterrorist attacks on websites such as Mercola.com. So, who, exactly, is the terrorist here? The one handing out free information to whomever wants it, or the one calling for armed aggression and cyberattacks against civilians exercising their free speech rights?

Hotez Implicated in COVID Engineering

Earlier this fall we discovered Hotez may actually have more personal reasons for asking government goons to attack those who punch holes in the cabal’s narrative.

Not only is he an irrational defender of the already-proven ineffective and dangerous COVID shots, he’s also tried to dismiss the lab leak theory as “an outlandish conspiracy theory,” and called for an end to the Congressional probe into gain-of-function research, decrying it as a “threat to American biomedical science.”8

Hotez’s dismissal of the lab escape theory is particularly ironic considering he received a $ 6.1 million grant9 from the National Institutes of Health in 2012 for the development of a SARS vaccine in case of an “accidental release from a laboratory,” “deliberate spreading of the virus by a terrorist attack,” or a zoonotic spillover event.

The research under that grant took place from 2012 until 2017. After spending five years preparing for the possibility of an accidental or deliberate release of SARS, why would Hotez think a lab leak of SARS-CoV-2 was out of the question? Clearly, Hotez is no stranger to the possibility of lab leaks.

Well, in early August 2022, U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) discovered a potential reason for why Hotez was so adamant about COVID being all-natural and why he’s so opposed to Congress looking into potential improprieties involving gain-of-function research.10

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As it turns out, Hotez funded gain-of-function research11 to create a chimeric SARS-related coronavirus — the very research now being scrutinized by Congress, in part because it may help explain where SARS-CoV-2 came from, and in part because it appears this research should have been subject to gain-of-function review procedures but wasn’t.

So, could it be that Hotez’s dismissals of the lab leak theory and the Congressional inquiry are based in fear that he may be implicated in the creation of the COVID pandemic?

At bare minimum, he’s got conflicts of interest that can color his opinions on these matters. His conflicts of interest are all the more pertinent when you consider he’s on The Lancet COVID-19 Commission, where he co-chairs the COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics task force.12

An Open War on the Public

We’re now in a situation where asking valid questions about public health measures are equated to acts of domestic terrorism. It’s unbelievable, yet here we are.

Over the past three years, the rhetoric used against those who question the sanity of using unscientific pandemic countermeasures, such as face masks and lockdowns, or share data showing that COVID-19 gene therapies are really bad public health policy.

It has become increasingly violent, and in classic Orwellian Doublespeak, those who claim to defend science and democracy are actually undermining both, and blatantly so. Similarly, those who claim to combat hate speech and terrorism actually foster and create it.

However, in the end, lies cannot stand up to the truth, which is precisely why deep state organizations such as the International Grand Committee on Disinformation13 (IGCD) and the Centers for Countering Digital Hate14 (CCDH) are working overtime to harmonize laws across the democratic world to censor and eliminate all counternarratives — and to employ more aggressive warfare tactics when that doesn’t work.

Currently, it’s primarily about silencing questions and inconvenient truths about all things relating to COVID, but in the future, such laws will allow them to silence discussion on any topic that threatens undemocratic rule by globalists.

Protecting Free Speech Is Paramount

Make no mistake, the globalist cabal intends to control everyone on the planet, and those they cannot control, they will seek to either destroy or kill. It’s open war on the public, and without freedom of speech, we lose one of our most effective means of defense.

To avoid such a fate, we must be relentless in our pursuit of sharing truth, and we must demand that our elected representatives stand up for freedom of speech and other Constitutional rights.

We also need to repeal the amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that legalized the U.S. government’s use of propaganda against its own citizens.15 The use of state propaganda against the American public was illegal until 2012, when then-president Obama amended the NDAA to legalize it.

I believe this is a major reason why no shred of truth comes out of the mainstream media anymore. They’re all following a prescribed propaganda narrative, and no amount of evidence to the contrary influences them.