College Students and Storage

By | April 5, 2018

Okay. The spring quarter is over and you are moving back home or at least off campus. But you have a whole dorm room filled with personal items–sofa,television,etc. What do you do with it? If you are moving back home, you may indeed load up and store it at home. But many times college students have accumulated quite a lot of stuff that is just useful for that now vacant dorm room. Here are some tips about what to do with all that stuff until September.

Self Storage Near Campus

Fine the cheapest self storage very near the campus. But do the math. If a cheap one is $ 35, it will cost you $ 105 for three months. What is the replacement cost? Also, you need to factor in transport time and fees. If you have very little, it may be cost effective to just trash the stuff, give it away, or try and sell it on the cheap. If however, you have a lot of big and costly items, a self storage is perfect. You will not need to haul it home. You may still need to rent a trailer or truck, but only a local charge. Then in September, your stuff is in perfect shape and you reverse the process. A very tidy, cheap, and convenient option.

Ask the College About Options

A few number of colleges have storage options. But the space may be limited. Also, it may not be convenient to get your stuff out at the time you need it. Check for hours of operation and security.

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Expensive Portable Units

You can get a portable unit dropped off, fill it, then it gets shipped away. It can be delivered on the day and time you need it. These are more costlier than others. But, if you have a big screen television, stereo, chairs, sofa, etc, this may actually be the easiest option.

Take it With You

This is the cheapest option as far as storage, but again, if you have a lot of stuff, you will still need to rent a truck or trailer. And if moving back home, your parents may not be thrilled about storing all that stuff and have no room. If you still have your room at home, you may swap out items to be used at home and the dormitory. That way, there is room. However, if you live across country, the time and cost of a truck may be more than local self storage.

Other Factors to Consider

Cost of Packing Supplies:Blankets to protect televisions, boxes, crates, packing material like peanuts or bubble wrap.

List the Items! You need to know exactly what you have packed away. You may not remember what you have packed and buy it again in September. You also need to know what you do need to buy. Also, as you are listing the items, ask yourself if you will need it before September. If you do, do not pack it!

Damage Control

Take a look at the storage unit or college storage area. Is it weather protected? Can rain get in? You do not want your stuff damaged. If you have expensive items, you might even consider insurance.

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Buddy Up!

Your college roommate may be willing to use the same storage unit and share the cost. If you can indeed put more than one student’s stuff in a cheap self storage unit, the cost is only a couple of dollars for each person. Just beware that you need to be rather good friends. You don’t want someone who will go through your stuff. You don’t want a student who will not empty it on time. In other words, you may be on the hook if the student does not return and take there stuff out when you do. Make arrangements if either of you do not return to the school. Things may happen over the summer.

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