Doctor warns women not to put melted chocolate inside their vagina

By | September 23, 2019

If you are looking to spice up your love life a doctor has warned people not to put chocolate inside their vaginas in the latest bizarre trend.

Yes, you might want to experiment in the bedroom but doctors have warned not to use the sweet treat during your experimentation.

This warning comes just weeks after a medical professional was forced to remind women what a terrible idea it would be to put ice lollies inside their genitals as a way to cool down.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Dr Shree Datta, a consultant gynaecologist from MyHealthcare Clinic, explained to the public how you can incorporate food into your love life but in a safe way.

She said that it is perfectly fine to use melted chocolate during foreplay, however, she did say that it must be at the right temperature.


“Chocolate is not dangerous if used in intimate areas externally and not too hot,” Dr Datta said.

“However it is important to wash it off to fully minimise the risk of infection or irritation developing afterwards.

“I would not recommend inserting foods into the vagina due to the risks.”

There have been many warnings for women not put food items such as garlic, parsley, bath bombs and cucumbers inside their vaginas.

A nurse has also warned women not to try and vacuum their vaginas during their periods.

This comes after two women, aged 19 and 23, were hospitalised for doing just that.

She claims that the women used a Hoover to try and suck up the blood and end their periods early.

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The nurse said: “Your period has a steady flow of its own that for all intents and purposes your body can tolerate.

“A vacuum increases the flow over 1,000 times which your body can’t tolerate, therefore sending you into shock.”