Drew Barrymore’s New Kitchen Appliance Line Is Really, Truly Chic

By | May 3, 2021

Drew Barrymore is doing ALL of the things, and her latest endeavor has me feeling some type of inspired to re-decorate my kitchen? In monochrome sage green? To match her new small appliance line?

The new pieces from Beautiful by Drew Barrymore are a collaboration with Made by Gather founder and CEO, Shae Hong. The dream team paired up to make fancy-looking appliances that don’t cost a bajillion dollars. And I feel seen.

In honor of St. Patrick’s day (which is today, jfyi) Barrymore is sharing her favorite colorway in the line, sage green. IMO, it’s a promising sign for other yet-to-be-released colors on the horizon, just saying.

The Beautiful kitchenware line includes six pieces, ranging from $ 39.96 to $ 129: 6-Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer ($ 89), 14-Cup Touchscreen Coffee Maker ($ 59), High Performance Touchscreen Blender ($ 59), 2-Slice Touchscreen Toaster($ 39.96), 6-Slice Touchscreen Toaster Oven ($ 129), and 1.7-Liter One-Touch Electric Kettle ($ 39.96). All of the products are available on Walmart.com now, so prepare to cook and brew in the chicest way possible.

You can shop the sage green collection starting today, but more products and color palettes will be available on Walmart.com on March 29 and in stores nationwide in mid-April.

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“Our kitchen appliances are out in eyesight at all times. There is so much black and metal and it’s very masculine. I looked a lot to Apple and I wanted to make something timeless and beautiful,” Barrymore told WWD in a phone interview.

WWD also spoke with Hong, who said that they spent hours talking about her vision when they first met. “She came to meet me for lunch and brought mood boards and magazine tear-outs, paint chips, and a list of ideas,” said Hong. “We spent three hours talking about what we could create together and it was after that first meeting that I knew she was going to go all in.” We love to see it, Drew!

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