EBooks are environment friendly

By | March 15, 2019

EBooks are now selling more than printed books. Kids, and adults, teens and old people everyone loves to read eBooks on the topics of their choice. We can observe numerous benefits of eBooks writting and publishing for writers and publishers as well. But here is another great advantage of publishing electronic books that they are environment friendly.

As we all know, in the past books could be published on paper only, and paper is made from trees. So the more trees are gone the more paper can be produced. Trees are used for many other purposes as well, and cutting f trees is done for many other businesses as well, but for completing the requirement of paper production is a also a big part of this.

Here is no need to tell, if the trees are less how it can affect the environment badly. Less trees on earth means polluted air, more carbon dioxide, global warming and many other negative effects on the environment.

We can say that cutting trees for making paper is not wrong, because we are doing it for a good purpose. But as the demand of published books is increasing, can trees on earth be enough for producing quality paper for this rising demand.

This need of paper than introduced recycling of paper, thus the paper we get after repeated recycling is not as good in quality as it was earlier. The recycled papers are sometimes not as good for environment and health too.

All this rising paper demand is also rising the price of paper to a great extend. If a publisher wants to publish his book on a good quality paper, it costs him a lot. The expense is then transferred to buyers and we have to purchase expensive books.

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So there is certainly the need of another book publishing material or medium that can save the environment and can be less expensive for us. EBooks have solved the problem to a great extend. Everyone enjoys the comfort of downloading and reading eBooks on an electronic device. EBooks are easily available and cost effective as compared to printed books.

You can now find good eBooks on any subject or topic. Just like we can borrow books form a library, free eBooks are available for downloading on internet. You don’t need to borrow an eBook to return after a limited time, you can actually download them on your eBook reading device to keep with you as long you like. So once you are searching for eBooks, download a few of them at a time and then you can read them any time as you like.

EBooks reading devices are there for you to carry a lot of eBooks with you on the go. You can take your eBooks with you to schools or colleges as well and no need of carrying heavy books bag packs. Best of all you’ll be reading books published electronically without using paper and without cutting trees. EBooks are surely more environment friendly than printed books.

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