Fat, Fat, Everywhere

By | July 18, 2020

At least 35% of adults in nine U.S. states were obese in 2018. The study did not give details about obesity in the other states but you can assume that it will also be high. Obesity is a public health crisis. This abundance of fat is more than a cosmetic problem. It is a major cause of illness and death. 


Obesity threatens the heart and blood vessels as well as the liver. There is not even one aspect of a healthy lifestyle that is enhanced by obesity. 


So what should you do if you want to trim up? Let’s start with what you should not do. Don’t be scammed by false weight-loss claims. There is no magic or easy way to trim up. Beware of just eating the food and losing the weight. Think about it. If it were that easy to lose the weight we would not have this huge obesity epidemic.


The Federal Trade Commission has a new website where you can identify the false promises made in ads for diet products. If you want to find common sense and effective ways to lose the weight and keep it off go to our blog site “Look Better Live Longer” Blog.




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