Guerbet’s SeQure and DraKon Peripheral Microcatheters Cleared in Europe

By | April 28, 2019

Editors Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology, Radiology, Vascular Surgery

Guerbet, a French firm, won European regulatory approval to introduce its SeQure and DraKon peripheral microcatheters on the continent. The devices are indicated for infusion of contrast media, drugs, and embolic materials as part of vascular embolization procedures.

The devices were originally developed by Accurate Medical Therapeutics, an Israeli firm that Guerbet purchased. Both the SeQure and DraKon microcatheters are already cleared and available in the United States.

The SeQure device provides anti-reflux capablities and relies on flow dynamics to put up a barrier that prevents embolic agents from going where they shouldn’t. It features side slits through which contrast media can exit. The Drakon device is identical to the SeQure, except it doesn’t have the side slits and is designed to offer more pushability, flexibility, and rotational dynamics.

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