Hacking Early Learning: 10 Building Blocks to Success in Pre-K-3 That All Teachers and School Leaders Should Know (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 18)

By | April 11, 2018
Hacking Early Learning: 10 Building Blocks to Success in Pre-K-3 That All Teachers and School Leaders Should Know (Hack Learning Series) (Volume 18)

What if we raise the bar on early learning?

School readiness, closing achievement gaps, partnering with families, and innovative learning are just a few of the reasons the early learning years are the most critical years in a child’s life. In what ways have schools lost the critical components of early learning — preschool through third grade — and how can we intentionally bring those ideas and instructional strategies back?

In Hacking Early Learning, Kindergarten school leader, early childhood education specialist, and Minnesota State Principal of the Year Jessica Cabeen provides strategies for teachers, principals, and district administrators for best practices in preschool through third grade, including connecting these strategies to all grade levels.

It’s What You Can Do Tomorrow

Using the popular Hack Learning Series problem-solving formula, Cabeen brings educators a simple guide for making the early years more meaningful, engaging, and full of intentional learning experiences. Cabeen shows all stakeholders how to:

  • Create learning environments that are conducive to play, technology integration, and movement
  • Provide a clear understanding for ALL staff members of what we want students to learn
  • Give parents detailed, timely information about what their children are learning and how they can support teachers and learners at home
  • Bridge the gap between early learning and K-12
  • Create innovative professional growth for pre-K-3 educators
  • Grant access to research-based practices and give teachers time to reflect on their teaching with others, in order to learn the best strategies for ALL children — Pre-K-3 and beyond — to succeed

Experts gush over Jessica Cabeen and Hacking Early Learning

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Hacking Early Learning gets to both the heart and mind of our youngest learners. The practical strategies allow the reader to set up an environment that works for everyone in the learning community. If you work with kids, or adults who work with kids, Hacking Early Learning is an essential component to your leadership toolbox.”

-Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent, Fall Creek Schools, Co-author of Hacking Leadership

“Jessica Cabeen is not afraid to say she’s learned from her mistakes and misconceptions. But it is those mistakes and misconceptions that qualify her to write this book, with its wonderfully user-friendly format. For each problem specified, there is a hack and actionable advice presented as “What You Can Do Tomorrow” and “A Blueprint for Full Implementation.” Jessica’s leadership is informed by both head and heart and, because of that, her wisdom will be of value to those who wish to teach and lead in the early childhood field.”

-Rae Pica, Early Childhood Education Keynote Speaker and author of What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

“Jessica’s amazing successes as a school leader give credibility and weight to her shared knowledge so that the readers feel empowered and confident in turn-keying these strategies into a plan of action to be successful at their schools. You’re going to love reading this book and want to share it with others!”

-Andy Jacks, Award-winning principal and Co-founder of #DadsAsPrincipals

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