Handling Student Internships

By | April 8, 2018

It is a common practice in many universities that they send the students for internship. And if you are one among them, and have got the best student internship, then you should be prepared to handle it at its best. And moreover, if it is your first job, you might not know how to begin or talk to. Here, there are tips which you can follow during your student internship to win over the placements.

1. Shake hands: One of the ways to make the best first impression or for introducing yourself, a firm handshake is the best way. There might be a mind shuttling experiences of Should I or Should I Not in the student internship, as you will be meeting a large number of people for the very first time. As long as your greetings are consistent, you can minimize the chance of embarrassing situations. Also, it is better that you start learning their names, so as to socialize with them.

2. Taking Initiative and Risks: There will be a lot of tasks and assignments which might be allocated to you during this student internship, which might be very irking and may not seem so important. Too many interns think that the work is not very challenging, and are not involved. But, you should keep it mind that you should take the initiative and prove them. And after you have taken the initiative and still not satisfied with the work, then you can go ahead and ask for even more challenging work. This will prove your willingness to work.

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3. Learning Phase: You should always remember that, you are in the learning phase in the student internship and you should consider yourself as a student even though you are out of college. This will keep you in focus of learning something new. Also, you should be actively present in all the meetings and ask questions. If you do not make an attempt to ask the questions, then there are chances that your boss might think you are not interested and bored.

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