Henny, Founder of Lion Marketing Agency in Toronto Launches Program to Help Small Businesses

By | April 29, 2020
Henny, Founder of Lion Marketing Agency in Toronto Launches Program to Help Small Businesses

Lion Marketing Agency.

We can all agree that marketing is a core component of any business. The problem is, not many small businesses have a budget to go out and hire agencies or launch massive campaigns. Lion Marketing Agency has found an affordable solution to offer small businesses without needing an agency to run their marketing strategy. This program allows businesses to learn the inside scoop on how they can launch there own campaign and remove the need for outside agencies.

Lion Marketing Agency is founded by Henok Yeshanew, also known as Henny, back in 2016 and now has turned into a full-service marketing agency with 9 team members. Henny did not come from a marketing background at all but understand how to run a business and the struggles that come with it. After months of training and practicing, he understood that marketing is an integral part in the success of the business. He made it his goal to find a way to help businesses that have the ability to learn the basics of marketing and offer his agency as a mentor.

Henny and his team offer hours of content for businesses to watch and learn and on top of that, allow small businesses, hours of group, and 1 on 1 consults. Henny mentioned, “It’s one thing to offer our knowledge to the businesses but it also another thing to make sure they are applying it properly.” He wanted the program to encompass a full-service knowledge program where individuals and businesses have the ability to engage with his team and gain all the support they need.

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Since the launch of the program in January, Henny and his team have signed up 86 small businesses as a test group before offering it to everyone. While testing out this program, Henok pointed out that the key theme that most businesses in the group were struggling with was social media marketing and how to leverage it correctly. With the program, not only can you learn how to launch your own social media ad campaigns but you can also understand how to use the analytics to better scale your business.

One student in the program mentioned, “What Henny and his team have done is help us save thousands of dollars in retainer fees and at the same time help my team learn exactly how to market my business and leverage social media the best way possible.” While another student found that the consult calls with Henok or his team members helped validate their idea and made the program worth more than the small fee they paid to join the program.

Henny hopes that this program will be available to all businesses who want to learn marketing on their own and apply it to their business or for companies who need to stay up to date with new marketing tactics to apply.

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