Hologic Releases SuperSonic MACH 40 Breast Ultrasound in U.S.

By | July 11, 2020

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Hologic is launching in the U.S. its first cart-based breast ultrasound system, the SuperSonic MACH 40. The company touts the device as a premium ultrasound that produces high fidelity images and features a number of capabilities that improve clinical efficiency and diagnostic accuracy.

Some of these features include ShearWave PLUS elastography, which produces a real-time color map of tissue stiffness as the transducer is moved across the breast, and Angio PLUS imaging, an ultrasensitive Doppler mode for tracking blood flow within microvessels.

TriVu imaging is an interesting imaging mode that provides a look at morphology, stiffness, and blood flow at the same time on the same screen.

There’s also a biopsy mode that tracks needle location and predicts its trajectory to help make sure every lesion is properly sampled.

The SuperSonic MACH 40 sports a touchscreen display to manipulate controls and a large 23″ high definition monitor for ultrasound imaging. A touchpad lets operators control the system with greater comfort.

Here’s a promo video Hologic released for the SuperSonic MACH 40:

Product page: SuperSonic MACH 40

Via: Hologic

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