Home Schooling the Primary Student

By | May 4, 2018

While home schooling of the primary student is simply a continuation of the schooling we have already been performing on our preschoolers, it takes off, on a touch different note!

While the preschooler was able to spend only a short time at studies, the primary student needs a more disciplined schedule. At this age, they are still thinking of the outdoors and playing.

While it is necessary to teach these young ones, one of the benefits of home schooling is that we are able to be more permissible in our scheduling. The hours they would spend at school learning their lessons, are cut in half or better, when you home school.

Done properly, your primary student will love school. You are the one who will dictate their response to learning. You are the one who is responsible for bringing out the character your child will develop into. This of course, is one reason we want to home school in the first place, to encourage this child to be all they can be!

Finding creative ways for teaching, will be a challenge later on in schooling levels, for now, it is pretty easy. Go for walks, look for insects, find ant hills, pick up leaves and learn what the parts of that leaf are called, talk about why we have traffic lights and how we need to respect the rights of others, how we need to preserve our natural resources for those who will travel this land after we have left.

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Teach them about our freedoms and how through the sacrifices of others, we have kept this Country free so far. Let them understand that only through such freedoms, are we able to home school them as we see fit. Teach them about love, how it will overcome a multitude of sins.

Start preparing them for the ensuing years of education ahead!

Cheryl G Burke