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By | August 30, 2018

There are many ways for learners to acquire the additional help with their studies. Schools may offer extra classes and tutoring. Parents may do their utmost to monitor their children’s progress and provide homework help. Websites, online learning communities and online tutoring are all options to help students get on top of their studies. Home tutoring may seem like the ‘old-fashioned’ option but for some learners it is the best way to ensure educational progress.

Home tutoring is not necessarily always the cheapest option, since tutors must travel to the student’s home, but it can be worth every cent. Home tutoring is the ultimate in individual, personalized educational help. Various categories of learner may benefit from home tutoring over and above other tutoring options. They include:

– Students who have attention or concentration problems. A tutor who is physically present is often best placed to keep learners focused and on track.
– Students who have difficulty engaging with teachers and authority figures. Online tutoring with video links can work but some learners may find it easier to establish a productive rapport with a tutor in a face-to-face home tutoring setting.

– Those who are studying practical subjects (including art and music) or any subject that does not rely primarily on words (including geometry and trigonometry). Again, though it is possible for effective tutoring to occur by other means, sometimes direct contact facilitates the learning process.

– Students with physical disabilities.

Today in many families both parents work and young people are expected to let themselves in and find the initiative and self-discipline to do their homework on their own. Home tutoring is not a substitute for a child-sitting service but in the absence of parental supervision, can serve a dual purpose and encourage a productive homework routine.

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Finding a Home Tutoring Service Near You

Unless you live in a remote area you will find home tutoring services advertised on the internet, in your local newspaper and on community bulletin boards. Your child’s school or other parents may be able to recommend home tutors. For simple homework supervision, you may find college students who are committed to education who will provide the home tutoring services you need. If you have children with physical and/or learning disabilities charities and public service bodies may be able to advise you on avenues to pursue.

Many home tutoring services will give you the opportunity to meet tutors before you commit yourself. They will also be able to advise you on the optimum amount of tutoring for your child to attain specific goals, such as test prep or catch-up. Prepare a list of questions about the tutor’s qualifications, experience and home tutoring methods.

As little as one or two hours home tutoring per week can make a big difference to a learner’s progress. Home tutoring is an option that is widely available and worth serious consideration.

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