How to apply for ISB YLP program 2013?

By | August 24, 2018

Enrolling with ISB YLP requires candidates to either have completed their graduation or be in their pre-final year. Candidates also need to prove their overall dynamicity in all spheres of education to be able to cope with the exposure to follow. The admission procedure begins with submission of all the academic details of the candidates till date along with their achievements in extracurricular activities and interests. Additionally, candidates are also required to frame a 90 second ISB YLP Stage 1 video on a given topic to be able to justify their visual presentation skills. Once, all the above three are fulfilled, two obligations in form of a single page resume and application fee of Rs. 1, 000 is required to be submitted along with the application.

Though most of the requirements are very general in nature, the stand out happens to be the video preparation. Search for right resources that can provide precise ISB YLP video help. Usually the video is about self-introduction and ability to convince the admission board about your confidence and clarity of thoughts. It therefore, holds a very crucial value. Candidates must understand the importance of this video along with the impact which it is likely to create for them in their final interview and subsequently thecourse to pursue. One wise advice would be to go through the ISB YLP sample video which is video which is made available by the senior candidates. This would provide the necessary blueprint to guide your 90 second video. However, seeking advice from professionals is also important as their input and guidance is critical in preparing for ISB YLP video that is highly structured, concise, and impactful, which is devoid of any loop holes. It is important to always follow suggestions and feedbacks but never try to replicate someone else’s thoughts. Rather go for something creative from your own perspective such that you stand as a distinguished candidate in midst of several others in the race.

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Once the applicant’sadmission is confirmed, theyare required to appear for ISB YLP Interview process, where the applicant comes face to face with the ‘masters’. But as of now, stay focused on the admission process as the last date for application is coming soon. For further information on ISB YLP application assistance, candidates are always free to make a visit at.

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