How to Fluff a Jewish Dating Washington DC Article

By | September 26, 2018

If you want to write a good Jewish Dating Washington DC article, you have to fill it with a lot of fluff.  Sure, the truth is interesting, but it is very boring and monotonous as well.  One easy way to fluff an article is to say a bunch of meaningless things like this and this and this and this and this and this and this and this and some other things that will make the article long.  You can also do what I do often and define each word from the key phrase to make the article longer.

For example, I would define the word Jewish as relating to Judiasm.  I would say that dating means going out regularly with someone as part of a romantic courtship; dating can also be defined as the activity of establishing how old an object or substance is, often with the use of sophisticated scientific techniques however that definition has nothing to do with this article.  Another definition for dating that has nothing to do with this Jewish dating is “the provision of generous credit terms with regard to payment dates, e.g. allowing a preferred customer 90 days for repayment rather than the standard 30 days”.  Washington is of course the capitol of our country, and DC stands for the district of Columbia.

Now you can further understand how to fluff up an article.  Like I said, you can define a lot of words instead of just writing the word, but you have to do it carefully so that the articles does not sound much stupider than it is going to anyway.  Do not forget to say a lot of meaningless words such as like what I am kind of sort of doing now, but do not say a lot of stupid things that have not much to do with the article otherwise your article will just sound a whole much lot stupider than it is going to be anyway with all of the unnecessary fluff.  You have just read a fluffed up Jewish Dating Washington DC article that made little to no sense to you.

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