How to format your eBooks

By | March 3, 2019

Perfect and awesome formatting of eBooks is critical for easy reading, downloading and popularity of your eBooks. A well formatted and well-designed eBook attracts more attention of people, whereas a poorly formatted eBooks is more likely to be ignored by most of us. Moreover, you need to consider formatting options for making your eBooks readable on different types of eBook reading devices. Different eBook readers can download and show different types of formats, so it’s important to format your eBooks accordingly.

What is included in formatting an eBook? The first impression of your e-book’s formatting is its title. The titles of or the covers of eBooks can be formatted in many different ways. The covers include book’s title in a catchy way, along with highlighting author’s name. Use of images and graphics in different attractive styles is now getting very popular. Everyone wants his e-book’s cover to be unique from others and to stand out in the crowd. Now e-book’s formatting and cover designing is thought to be a skill and art, but most of authors self-publishing their eBooks are learning this skill and art by themselves.

EBooks formatting and cover designing is now made extremely simple by technology advancement. You can find many programs for helping you in formatting your eBooks nicely. Even Microsoft word is extremely good for formatting and designing you eBooks nicely. You can even design your e-book’s cover in MS Words. It has many features helpful in designing the cover of your eBooks. A little, exploring, practicing and experience will make you perfect in the art of formatting and designing your eBooks in MS word in no time. You’ll not need to hire services of any graphical designer for designing your e-book’s cover; as you can do it yourself pretty easily in MS Word.

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Yes, it’s true that you can’t publish your eBook in a Word document, but it will only be used for formatting and designing purpose. MS word is easiest for formatting and designing an eBook, because most of us are familiar with using different features of MS Word. After finishing writing, formatting and designing of your book in MS Word, you’ll need to transfer the file in PDF or any other eBook format for publishing.

Every eBook reader presents eBook in its own style. Fonts, formatting and size of your eBook might look different on different eBook reading devices. It’s also good to publish your eBook in more than one format. Do a little search for finding out supported formats of different popular eBook reading devices. Like, Kindle, Sony, Apple etc. now you can publish your eBook in these formats simultaneously for making them downloadable and readable on every type of eBook readers.

Free eBooks downloading sites also provide the facility of downloading an eBook in different formats. So, if you like to put your eBook on these sites for making theme popular quickly, you can put your eBooks on these sites in different formats for everyone’s convenience. In this way your book will be more likely to be downloaded and read by a number of people.

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