How To Legally Change Your Name?

By | August 27, 2018

All brides in the world have to change their surnames after marriage. Though in the olden times it was unquestioned, as the days are passing by questions have started to crop up. The world which is nowadays oriented towards women rights and becoming more and more women centric is protesting the need to change surnames. Women express themselves more properly now and are more vocal about their rights. They are in need of their own identity and often disagree to change their surname just because they are married. Often there are many complications as well which can lead to a problem in changing the surname.  First, if you change your surname, you can face official problems. Your passport, check book, passbook and other important documents bear your maiden surname and once the last name is changed they need to be changed all over again.

This process is not only tiring, but involves a lot of harassment as well. If you are a service holder, there will be many other documents which will bear your initial surname. This will create a lot of confusion at the workplace as well. In case you own a business, the sudden change will prompt a lot of confusion for the clients, customers, suppliers and other related people. Some feel that changing a surname will snatch away from them a part of their identity.

On the contrary there are some opinions favoring the change of surname. Some like the surnames of their husbands more than their own. There are many who feel that even the maiden surname was that of the father’s, so there is no problem to change to the husband’s. But whatever be the opinions, the exact procedure to change the surname should be known if one wants to change it. You should legally change your name

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There will be many documents which will be waiting for the name to be changed. The process should be started as soon as the marriage formalities are completed. The marriage license should be taken everywhere as a proof to change the name. The first document which needs the name change is the photo identity proof. After this process is completed, the documents in the bank have to bear the change. When this is finished a change in name in the passport has to be applied for. Then the credit cards, debit cards and the insurance policies need the final change. It is your choice whether you want to change your surname or not.

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