How to Protect the Contact Lenses

By | September 25, 2018

Little contact lenses cannot be discounted because of they are used on the important organs of body. In Taiwan, due to improper use of contact lenses to lead to blind, there are dozens of young people. Therefore, the proper use of contact lens care solution is particularly important.

At first, you should wash your hands and dry carefully to ensure the contact lenses cannot be contaminated by the tap water.

Secondly, it is the drops care solution. Put the lens on the left (or right) palm, and then drop 3 drops of fresh contact lens care solution.

Thirdly, you can rub the lens from the center to the edge ten seconds, which could thoroughly clean the lens edge. Related experiments show that daily rub clean contact lenses 30 seconds can reduce the risk of corneal infection 11 times. Hand rubs lens could get the better effect to more effectively remove impurities and sediment.

And then you can rinse the lens. Thoroughly rinse is also essential, you can use a plenty of care solution to rinse lens for 5 seconds to remove any residue on the lenses.

Finally process is soaking. After thoroughly clean contact lenses, the lens should have a rest in the storage box at least four hours in order to ensure care solution to play disinfection, cleaning and removing protein functions. Lens care solution should be fully submerged, and then tighten the lid.

Expect choosing the right lens care solution, you should pay attention to the use of care solution time. In general, shelf life of the contact lens care solution is longer, at the same time packaging are also printed on production date and shelf life. However, after opening the lid, shelf life of contact lens care solution will be greatly shortened. Typically, you should finish it within three months after opening.

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In addition, care solution should be placed in a dry place. When you do not use, you should close bottle well, but should not touch with anything to avoid bacteria into the bottle.

If you have no necessary to wear contact lenses every day, you need replace lens care solution soak frequently. If you do not replace the care solution for a long time, it makes the care solution lose cleaning ability.

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