India Shawn: Exceptionally Talented Singer and Songwriter Talks About Her Love For “Yoga”

By | June 26, 2021

India Shawn is born at Los Angeles, USA. She is a singer and songwriter; she has been lending her musical talents to the music industry for over ten years.

India Shawn champions self-love and divine femininity within her soulfully sultry, psychedelia-infused R&B. Spinning like a kaleidoscope between moods of empowered sensuality, thoughtful lyrical candor, and undeniable sonic energy, the Los Angeles songstress fulfills the potential of her own womanhood like never before on her 2020 third full-length album and first offering for Epic Records.

After a decade in the game, she quietly earned this level of awareness. Breaking into the business during 2010, she penned songs for everyone from Chris Brown and Diddy-Dirty Money to El Debarge, Keri Hilson, and Monica as part of the writing collective Full Circle. Following her 2012 debut Origin, she made waves and turned heads as an artist with “I’m Alive”—which Solange Knowles touted on the 2013 Saint Heron compilation. In addition to opening for Raury and Ryan Leslie, she lent her voice to Ludacris’s chart-topping Ludaversal and served up the Outer Limits EP during 2015. Along the way, she garnered praise from tastemakers, including HYPEBEAST, Billboard, Okayplayer, Rolling Out, Vibe, and more.

Rather than putting her Georgia State University Bachelor’s Degree to use and committing to a nine-to-five, India decided to travel a route that would provide the latitude and flexibility to record and perform. Driving for Postmates in 2018 to make ends meet in 2019, a chance delivery to a producer friend opened the door to record new originals and landed her management.

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Women Fitness President Ms. Namita Nayyar catches up with India Shawn, an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter; here she talks about her workout, yoga, diet, and her journey in the music world.

Namita Nayyar:

A healthy morning ritual that you follow every single day?

India Shawn:

I typically pray, meditate, and have a glass of ginger tea or water in the morning.

Namita Nayyar:

You are one of the most sought-after lyricist and musician of this time; tell us about how this journey began?

India Shawn:

I don’t know how accurate that statement is LoL. What’s true is that I’ve been in the industry since 15. I started out demoing songs for my songwriter friends. I later went on to form my own songwriting team Full Circle comprised of my sister Jazmyn Michel and friends Joshua Heart and Kesia Hollins. I’ve written for and with some really amazing talent, and overall I’ve formed lasting relationships that have really bolstered my solo career in a beautiful way.

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