Intelligence Would Be More Stimulated than Being Measured!

By | August 28, 2018

I would recommend to parents as more useful than measuring intelligence they stimulate growth. Children can be very smart with what they like. It’s important to be opening up, stirred curious viscosity. Psychologically everyone has the ability to be better than it is today. And it feels better when encouraged, stimulated. I’s very important that his progress to be seen in relation to himself and not with other individuals of the same age or same environment. As long as progress is one that has potential and only time, stimulating atmosphere around him and his results will be better.

Intelligence is a huge potential in each, just as adults often near a judge by their subjective criteria. For example a child who fails to perform as desired by the parent at math, but has a passion for images, is as smart as an Olympic math, it’s just something intelligent. Deterrent effect it can have a very high score, even if it seems paradoxical. Those exceptional children, gifted often grow up with the idea that the value of their performance is given. And as long as they reach Olympic performances, contests or other competitions have good self-esteem, but when a failure’s effect is devastating. Besides the success goes to them often in parallel with a terrible fear of failure and thus end up living in a permanent stress what Vulnerable. Both they and many adults do not realize that because there is worth, because they are unique, creative, for their ability to love and to socialize, and I think it is only given value of their works. Such signs may direct the parents to realize and they have confirmed that they have a gifted child, you should find them extracurricular activities, skills development programs, but that requires and fun. Browse faster academic period is not necessarily a solution, such as to follow two years in one, or be enrolled in a school for gifted children. School should be only one activity and not activity based, unique, demanding performance. For your child smarter is deeply important to have diversity.

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Intelligence, more than a factor! Intelligence is one of the highly prized characteristics, but also very difficult to measure and evaluate. Course has developed different techniques to measure IQ, but they fail to fully capture this potential-flow meter and the degree to which it was developed. Most times speaking and logical-mathematical intelligence is measured, ignoring the other at least seven types of intelligence.

According to research done by psychologist Haward Gardner of Harvard University there are eight types of intelligence: verbal, logical-mathematical, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, spatial, interpersonal (people), intrapersonal (self) and natural (nature related).

A man may have one or more of these types of intelligence and ideally can be intelligently aware of how to usefully use their skills and go on line vocation. But most times parents want to know the IQ of children to know what expectations to have of them. Sometimes adults are interested and that you get the score on intelligence test and not the general skills you have. It is an approach often disappointing because people can get a score indicating below average or average intelligence and self-esteem are affected. From this experience can develop feelings of inferiority or an inferiority complex. If her children assume unfortunately, the label that you put adults. I remember a child when trying to work with him said in a “let it Poor, can’t”. In fact repeating what he heard from adults trying to protect him from the failures of many experiences that he worried it would help to overcome the state of inferiority that was trapped.

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