International Day of Radiology 2019: History, Theme and Significance of the Day Dedicated to Medical Imaging

By | November 8, 2019
International Day of Radiology 2019: History, Theme and Significance of the Day Dedicated to Medical Imaging

Correct diagnosis is probably the most important part of treatment for any kind of health condition. Without the right diagnosis method, it is impossible to begin healing. Expertise in the field of  Radiology forms an integral part of medical field. Radiologists that are medical professionals specialise in diagnosing and also treating people experiencing injuries and diseases. They use modern procedures including medical imaging (radiology) to perform exams and tests. Some of the common methods include  X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound, etc. November 8 is annually celebrated as International Day of Radiology (IDoR) to appreciate and promote the  role of medical imaging in modern healthcare. The anniversary of the discovery of x-rays is celebrated in the same day as well. The day is celebrated worldwide with an intention to spread awareness about the importance of radiology. The day sees events taking place that promote radiology and work towards the collective growth.

International Day of Radiology History

The history of international day of radiology goes back to 2011 when the European Day of Radiology was launched. It was only in the next year of the European Day of Radiology celebration that it was changed to International Day of Radiology. The celebration of EDoR was only held on February 10, 2011 that was observed to commemorate the death anniversary of Röntgen. The event was organised by the European Society of Radiology(ESR). The event was quite successful and from the next year The the ESR with the RSNA and the ACR to establish the International Day of Radiology. The date of the celebration also changed from the anniversary of Röntgen’s death to that of his discovery of the x-ray. And ever since the day was officially celebrated at the International Day of Radiology.

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International Day of Radiology Theme And Events

Every year the theme of International Day of Radiology changes and fir the year 2019 sports imaging has been chosen as the main theme. The theme has been chosen to highlight the importance of the role played by the imaging experts that help diagnose injuries in the sports-related field. The early detection, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of injuries related to sports dealt by experts who extend quality care and treatment to the patients and this year the theme is dedicated to them.

To celebrate the day events such as workshops, social media campaigns, lectures, exhibition and lectures are held to educate the people and encourage them to learn and participate. The International Radiological Societies all over the world celebrate the day with their own organised events.

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