KPAI Official Says Swimming With Men Can Cause Pregnancy Because ‘Super Sperms’ Can Impregnate Women In Water

By | February 28, 2020
KPAI Official Says Swimming With Men Can Cause Pregnancy Because 'Super Sperms' Can Impregnate Women In Water

The Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children (Photo Credits: Facebook)

There is no dearth of false information floating around about sex, pregnancy and sexual health. However, the level of ignorance this Indonesian official, who is now going viral has touched is new. In an interview with Tribun Jakarta, Sitti Hikmawatty (who FYI works as a commissioner for KPAI (The Commission for the Protection of Indonesian Children) and is a university lecturer), discussed various issues related to sex and pregnancy. High Amount of Semen Ejaculation Means Better Fertility? Here’s the Ideal Sperm Count for Increased Chances of Pregnancy. 

Right from talking about premarital sex to illegal abortion clinics, Hikmawatty touched different subjects. However, she made a statement for which she is understandably receiving flak online. She claims that women can be impregnated if they swim in the same swimming pool as men because of certain “super sperm” that men release. Infertility in Men: Sperm Quality Getting Worse, Could Cause Extinction of Humankind, Says Study

She was quoted as saying, “There is an especially strong type of sperm that can possibly cause pregnancy. Men with this specific type of sperm who become sexually aroused and ejaculate at the sight of other women in the swimming pool can cause them to be pregnant even without penetration.” Now it was still ok at this point of time but she soon continued to say that such pregnancies take place when men with these “super sperms” come in contact with fertile women. How to Increase Sperm Count with Diet: 10 Best Foods to Improve Men’s Fertility and Sex Drive.

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Can You Get Pregnant Via ‘Super Sperms’ In Swimming Pool?

The answer is a big NO. The swimming pool water contains chlorine which won’t let the sperms survive. Moreover, sperms can’t live outside the human body for a long time. They can only survive outside the human body, under certain circumstances under great care. Your swimmers can’t swim in the swimming pool and definitely not go into a woman’s vagina. Although sperm can live outside the body, but only under certain conditions for a short time. Not in water bodies.

Understandably, Indonesians are calling for her resignation with the hashtag #PecatSittiHikmawatty (Fire Sitti Hikmawatty). Sitti Hikmawatty is standing firm and resisting calls for her resignation despite growing backlash from fellow Indonesians against her controversial statements.

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