Laptop Bags For Students

By | April 2, 2018

Picking a perfect laptop bag for a student is no easy feat. The “cool factor” plays a major part in the picking process for the student, while for the parent, the durability and function are the two main players in this process. When picking out a student laptop bag, there is that added requirement of needing to be stylish and current.

The main complication, besides fashion, for a student laptop bag is the need for a ton of space for all those textbooks and supplies. There are two types of bags that are perfect for this situation: The messenger bag and the backpack. Typically, the backpack will hold a larger laptop than the messenger bag, but not always.

Keen’s Morrison backpack fits the above requirements by being both stylish and having tons of space. The Morrison has a sporty style, but the main draw is how eco-friendly it is. The laptop bag is made from partially recycled material, which does make it a bit more pricey. This bag is listed on Amazon for $ 100, but you can do some online deal hunting and get this bag for a lot cheaper. This laptop bag fits up to a 15.4 inch laptop, plus there are four padded pockets to safely store some of your other electronic devices, like an iPod or a PDA. The shoulder strap is also padded, protecting your shoulder from harm while carrying all those textbooks around campus. This bag comes highly recommended and it helps to save the environment.

Crumpler has some neat trendy bags. One style that comes to mind for a student laptop bag is the Embarrassment line of messenger bags. The bag comes in three sizes, The Moderate, Considerable, or Dreadful Embarrassment, though none of these bags are embarrassing at all. The Moderate Embarrassment holds up to a 13 inch laptop, perfect for those mini laptops, the Considerable Embarrassment holds up to a 15.4 inch laptop, and the Dreadful Embarrassment holds up to a 17 inch laptop. They all have many colors to choose from, such as red, purple, gray and black. The shoulder strap is made from seat belt material with detachable shoulder padding. There are seven pockets inside, and one is zippered for more personal items. The laptop straps into a padded area in the back of the laptop bag, making it safe from bumps and bruises. Adding to the bag’s durability is that it is waterproof. Depending on what size laptop you need to store, this laptop bag can cost you anywhere from $ 50 to &85 on Amazon.

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Whichever laptop bag you choose, the needs of both the parent and the student must be met. The “coolness factor” plus the function and durability of the bag all must be taken into account before making the final purchase. Making sure there is enough room to hold the laptop, plus textbooks and accessories is as important as making sure the student is stylish and won’t be socially uncomfortable.