Learning from previous mistakes in interviews

By | September 22, 2018

Many of the career guidance firms, career advisors, professional reviewers and human resource analysts agree with the fact that more times you are rejected, more experience you gain. Interviews, group discussions, interactivities and writing analysis are most trusted tools adopted by any employer for recruitment of their candidates for jobs. It is possible that you have given single one and got an appropriate job at first chance but it is not necessary for all of the job enthusiasts out there.

Your tendency must be to grasp from the mistakes you have done in the previous interview and then let it go forever. Once you are able to find out loop hole in your preparation, then you will surely be able to rectify it and improve yourself to a greater extent. Some simple ways to do it are explained here:

Get from it then let it go:

It is possible that it was not your day to play a good game. But, you need to be in form on every instance no matter what is the weather outside. It is better if you got the meaning, if not then, work upon it and divert our attention to the previous mistakes, learn from it and then let it go. Many times the lack of chemistry between you and the interviewer does not fit and you miss the chance. Improve your skills for handling various situations and achieve better than expected.

Enlist on paper and review later:

It is really important for you to learn quickly and improve frequently, before the next instance to come. You better list out the ambiguity in your performance for quick review and daily reminder. It will help in reminding and working on them for good personification.

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Take career guidance:

Many of the experienced persons are willing to give you the right direction and impart some essential traits that can overcome your hesitation for facing any interview. You should take good advice from your seniors, parents, career guide, and even your friends as to how you can improve your aptitude for interviews.


Keep moving and definitely move on: life always gives a second chance if your first attempt was fair lay. If you are dedicated and enthusiastic toward the future job, and do have mettle then no power in the universe can stop you in achieving your set target. Always look forward and get appropriate career guidance for better opportunities, learn from past and apply in present to get better future.

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